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Latest Diablo Angle Grinder Disc
pengyus 5-tooth High-cutting Metal Anti-rust Surface Grinding Disc For Angle Grinder Blue
  • The tungsten steel material gives the sharp blades to maximize the cutting performance. Adopting radio-frequency welding, the carving disc is firm and the welding seam is full, which is not easy to fall out. The body is forged with overall alloy, which is thick and solid with texture. Featuring advanced spraying process, the surface is beautiful and has a certain anti-rust effect (due to different batches, the spraying color may be different, but it does not affect the use).
  • The equipped angle grinder should not be too bad, and it is best with a handle, do not remove the protective cover. Hands must be held tightly when operating, do not be distracted, and must turn off the power when you stop working. When you start to use, eat a little less material, otherwise it is easy to bounce, and you should be slower where there is scarring. The object to be operated should be fixed, and the necessary protection should be done (such as gloves, goggles).
  • Using high quality metal material, this carving disc is durable and powerful.
  • This diameter of this carving disc is 9 cm, the thickness is 1 cm.
  • It is suitable for tea trays, tea tables, wood carvings, root carvings, digging wood, surface planing, arcing, and edge clearing, U-shaped grooves on aluminum-plastic panels or solid wood.
Latest Diablo Angle Grinder Disc
pengyus A Wear-resistant And Robust 6-tooth Metal Engraving Disc With Angle-tooth Blades For Angle Grinders Black
  • With six teeth, this angle tooth blade provides smooth, controlled grinding and polishing actions to maximize grinding performance.
  • With the sharp blades and firm welding place, this angle tooth blade is not easy to fall off and convenient to use.
  • This angle tooth blade is made of high quality metal material, it is durable.
  • The length of angle tooth blade is 9cm, the width of angle tooth is 9cm and the height of angle tooth is 1cm.
  • It can be used for carpentry, wood carving, root carving, polishing tea tray and coffee table.
Latest Diablo Angle Grinder Disc
Grinding Wheel, Straight Wheel, 4" Glass Grinding Wheel for Angle Grinder Outside Diameter 100mm Cutting Wheel
  • High quality material ensures durable long life.
  • Used for cutting hard and brittle materials such as glass, ceramic, etc
  • Provides clean, neat edges and surfaces
  • Item Diameter: 100mm, Inner Hole Diameter: 16mm, Thickness: 1mm
  • High hardness, wear resistance, excellent impact resistance.
DISCOUNTLatest Diablo Angle Grinder Disc
blueZone Pack of 10 x Ultra thin 115 x 1mm for Angle Grinder- Stainless steel cuttings discs - metal cutting slitting discs
  • 【Perfect Size】Outer Diameter:4.5 Inch (115mm) Inside Diameter:7/8 inch Thickness:3/64 inch. Operating up to 13,300 RPM. This ultra thin cutting discs are suitable for most angle grinders, air cut off tool and electric cut off tool
  • 【High Quality & Performance】blueZone metal cutting discs are made of aluminum oxide grains which is durable and safety.Also provides aggressive cutting action and longer service life
  • 【Durable】1.2mm Thickness Ultra-thin design provide fast, precise and clean cutting performance with a minimal burr and reduced material waste
  • 【Package】10pcs x blueZone Metal Thin Cutting Discs
  • 【Package】2023 EXPIRY - 10pcs x blueZone Metal Thin Cutting Discs
Latest Diablo Angle Grinder Disc
GOBEST tile diamond disc blade 115 x 22.2 bore wet cutting (GB-0101)
  • Tile cutting continuous diamond blade 115mmx22.2 bore. Disc weight 110 gram.
  • Designed for cutting of ceramic, granite and marble tiles. Gobest diamond blades offer longer life span with wet cutting
  • Heavy duty diamond rim height 10 mm thickness 1.9mm
  • Essential disc for every tiler

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