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Latest Bmx 24 Inch Rim
haozai Men’s Mountain Bike,27 Speeds,Lockable Aluminum Shoulder Fork,Adjustable Seat,Mechanical Disc Brake,26 Inch Wheels,MTB
  • [Unique tire design] All-terrain mountain bike tires with 26-inch magnesium alloy rims can adapt to various road conditions. The integrated wheel design is stronger and more stylish than spoke tires.
  • [High Carbon Steel Frame] The sturdy high carbon steel frame and excellent welding technology make it a durable and stable cruising bike. The 27-speed can handle hilly terrain, and the gearbox is excellent and smooth.
  • [Comfortable seat and front fork suspension] The front fork suspension and the high-density foam seat mix the shock absorption function to bring you a more comfortable riding experience.
  • The mountain bike is lightweight and durable, with front and rear disc brakes and quick release levers to ensure smooth gear changes every time you ride and ensure the safety of the rider.
  • 90% of this bike has been pre-assembled and delivered. You only need to put on the front wheels, handlebars, pedals and seats. The approximate assembly time is between 15-30 minutes.
Latest Bmx 24 Inch Rim
haozai Adult Mountain Bike 26 Inch,Aluminum Alloy Brake,Sports Comfortable Cushion,with Dual Disc Brake And Full Suspension Fork,Men Mountain Bike,21-Speed MTB Bikes
  • [21-speed professional mountain bike] 3-speed front derailleur and 7-speed front derailleur provide 21-speed ultra-smooth gearbox, finger gearbox.
  • [All aluminum alloy frame] aluminum alloy body, aluminum alloy pedals, high-strength double-wall aluminum alloy wheels and other parts. Strong material prevents damage to the bike
  • [Easy to assemble] The 26-inch aluminum mountain bike is pre-assembled and easy to assemble, including all necessary assembly tools. You need to install handlebars, wheels, pedals, seats and inflate tires.
  • [Suitable for everyone] Mountain bikes are very suitable for use in school, work or off-road trips, and also suitable for use on mountain roads.
  • [Best choice] Suitable for riders of different heights, easily conquer all off-road roads. The front and rear dual disc brakes perfectly improve the safety and controllability of the rider.
Latest Bmx 24 Inch Rim
haozai 27.5-inch 22-Speed Men's Mountain Bike,Aluminum Alloy Frame,Hydraulic Disc Brake,Non-slip Pedals,High-Carbon Steel Hard-Tail Mountain Bike
  • Professional mountain bike: conquer all off-road roads and use 2.0-width tires to easily go uphill on all terrains. Suitable for beginners and intermediate/advanced riders (adults, unisex).
  • Bicycle frame: an upgraded high-carbon steel frame with good strength and toughness. The surface is anodized. The all-terrain front suspension fork can adapt to various terrains and provide controlled riding.
  • Assembly: 85% of the car has been assembled, and the handlebars, pedals, seats and front wheels need to be installed.
  • This 27.5-inch city bike is suitable for women or men who are about 170-210 cm tall.
  • This women's bicycle is equipped with a 9-speed flywheel, which makes riding more stable. The front and rear brake pads can be braked at the same time, which is safe and reliable.
Latest Bmx 24 Inch Rim
haozai Womens' Mountain Bike,Aluminum Alloy Low-span Frame,27-speed Transmission System,Hollow Breathable Seat,High-Carbon Steel Hard-Tail Mountain Bike
  • This lightweight mountain bike uses an ergonomic high-carbon steel frame, while taking into account quality and performance to prevent deformation and stretching.
  • City commuter bicycles use decelerating and decelerating front forks. The thickened outer wall is more impact resistant. The thickened shock absorber is conducive to shock absorption. Parallel bars can adapt to pressure road conditions.
  • The saddle of this mountain bike is adjustable and comfortable. The height of the saddle can be adjusted according to your height. The adjustment is very simple (just turn the switch to adjust).
  • Commuter bicycle, bright colors, unique seat, adjustable, flexible speed change, not easy to fall off the chain, easy to ride, easy and comfortable, easy to control for men and women
  • This 26-inch mountain bike is perfect for casual cyclists who want a little more, and it's perfect for outdoor adventures. Rugged and durable, with strong steel frame and other characteristics
Latest Bmx 24 Inch Rim
haozai 27.5Inch 20-Speed Mountain Bikes,Aluminum Alloy Frame,Aluminum Alloy Integrated Chain Plate,Hydraulic Disc Brake,City Cycling Road Bike
  • Carbon fiber material: We use high-quality carbon fiber on the frame, fork and seatpost to provide an ultra-light carbon fiber road bike of 9.6 kg (21.16 lb).
  • Professional mountain bike: Conquer all off-road roads and use 2.0-width tires to easily go uphill on all terrains. Suitable for beginners and intermediate/advanced riders
  • 20-speed ultralight mountain bike, aluminum alloy frame, dual disc brake system, wheel diameter: 27.5 inches
  • Aluminum alloy cutting top milling arc rim, even in the potholes, there is no need to worry about the rim being impacted, which not only greatly improves the impact resistance, but also looks more beautiful
  • The aluminum shoulder can lock the suspension fork. After the bicycle is activated with shock absorption, it will help speed bumps, mountain roads and potholes. When the forks are locked, it will facilitate long journeys, uphills and flat roads.

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