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Latest Barbie Bell For Bike
  • Great for decorating your kids bike, the bottle and bell can be easily fitted to your childs bike.
  • Supplied in blister packaging as shown in photo. Great pink colour.
Latest Barbie Bell For Bike
  • Proper quality chrome bell that fits standard 22.2mm handlebars
  • Pair of reflective pink safety armbands, these are great because they teach children the importance of safety, these can be worn when not on the bike like going to school for that bit of extra safety
  • Very cool Barbie girls sunglasses, girls of all ages love the fun of these and once again can be used at any time not only on the bike
  • Barbie pink drinks bottle with free clip fitting holder that fits some bikes, not all bikes can accommodate the free holder so girls like these as a drinking bottle regardless of whether on a bike or just when playing or walking
  • A great Birthday present
DISCOUNTLatest Barbie Bell For Bike
obqo 1 Pack Kids Bike Bell and 2 Pack Kids Bike Streamers for Children's Bike Accessories (Pink, Red, Purple & Blue) (A Pink & Purple)
  • √ 1 Pack kids bicycle bells Pink & Purple sun flower bells with 1 pair (2PCS) children's bicycle streamer. A simple and interesting way for kids to dress up their bikes.
  • √ The Kids bike bells put out a loud and clear bike ringtone to be heard clearly and make the riding much safer. It is Suitable for 22mm / 0.866in diameter of children's bike handle bar. 1 MINUTE for installation. Just use a screwdriver to tight the screw tighten the screw on the handle bar.
  • √ The Rainbow bicycle streamers will wave with the bike or scooter when your girl riding. It is like a smart elf. Make your kids more attractive when riding. Very easy to install, just plug the streamers into the handlebars bikes, scooters or tricycles. Can fit all kind of models
  • √ Kids bicycle bells make riding safer, Tassel Ribbons make riding more funny. Your kids will love this gift a lot.
  • √ Choose a declicate decoration gift for your kids bike, they will love it and be very happy.
Latest Barbie Bell For Bike
CLISPEED Kids Bicycle Bell Cute Unicorn Mini Bike Bell Cycling Ring Alarm Handlebars Bell For Scooter Tricycle Children
  • Quickly and easily installs on most bicycles with the use of a standard Philips screwdriver. Compatible with most standard sized handlebars
  • Made of high quality aluminum and plastic material
  • Easy installation, Adjustable handlebar mount.
  • suitable for adults, children, toddlers, boys, girls, Electric Bike Road Bike Mountain Bike Handlebars
  • The loud and crisp sounds loudly remind passersby to keep your ride safe and give you a pleasant sound experience.
DISCOUNTLatest Barbie Bell For Bike
Barbie DVX55 ESTATE Bike
  • ​ This Barbie bicycle is ready to roll
  • ​ Real working pedals and wheels make riding it a breeze
  • ​ Place Barbie doll (sold separately) on the seat where a clip holds her in place Slide her feet into the pedals and her hands onto the handlebars and push to see the doll ride
  • ​ A pink body, teal fenders and silvery accents are oh-so-pretty
  • ​ A blue helmet keeps Barbie doll safe
  • French (Publication Language)
DISCOUNTLatest Barbie Bell For Bike
Barbie FRP56 ESTATE Mo-Ped Motorbike for Doll, Pink Scooter, Vehicle, Multi-Colour
  • ​ This Barbie moped is ready to roll!
  • ​ It comes with a pet friend to share in the fun!
  • ​ The scooter is trendy designed in pink and yellow with silvery accents.
  • ​ Place Barbie doll (sold separately) on the seat where a clip holds her in place lift up the kickstand and push to head into imagination.
  • ​ A yellow basket on the back is perfect for the puppy to ride along.
DISCOUNTLatest Barbie Bell For Bike
Barbie️ Rainbow Sparkle Hair Doll & FRP56 ESTATE Mo-Ped Motorbike for Doll, Pink Scooter, Vehicle, Multi-Colour
  • Product 1: ​Barbie Rainbow Sparkle Hair doll sparks young imaginations to design unique hairstyles with sparkle gel, hair accessories and wow features
  • Product 1: ​Barbie doll has a hidden rainbow with five brilliant colours in her extra-long blonde hair that measures 75 Inches long
  • Product 1: ​Use the comb and sparkle gel to add shimmer to Barbie doll's hair, simply attach the gel tube to the comb and squeeze while combing to apply with ease
  • Product 1: ​Young stylists can create fun hairstyles, braids, ponytails, pigtails, buns, partial updos and more, using the three hairclips, two hairbands and brush
  • Product 2: ​ This Barbie moped is ready to roll!
  • Product 2: ​ It comes with a pet friend to share in the fun!
  • Product 2: ​ The scooter is trendy designed in pink and yellow with silvery accents.
  • Product 2: ​ Place Barbie doll (sold separately) on the seat where a clip holds her in place lift up the kickstand and push to head into imagination.
Latest Barbie Bell For Bike
Barbie Beach Bicycle
  • Doll and Bicycle Barbie doll rides the perfect pink beach cruiser bicycle
  • Has a basket carrying her puppy pal inside
  • As the bicycle moves, the puppy bounces up and down for the ride
  • Barbie doll features summer fashions in ombre stripes
  • Fully articulated legs


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